Our Intake and Adoption Process


Critical Pet Rescue is focused on helping animals in the Southern Oregon area, but will help out of area pets with consideration done on a case by case basis.  Our focus is to help pets who are facing an uncertain future either in the shelter system or possibly becoming part of it.

We are available to help animals in the shelter system that may be on a time frame, or those who are just not thriving in the shelter environment.  Shelter animals will be transferred to the full care and control of C.P.R. by the shelter that currently houses them.  We also offer an option to those pets who may be facing becoming a part of the shelter system; either because their owners can no longer keep them, or they were found lost and abandoned. (C.P.R. will take in stray animals but will not re-home them until all required hold times and requirements for finding the original owner is met)

All pets surrendered to C.P.R. will need to have record of any vaccinations, spay/neuter, or other medical history if available, we cannot accept verbal word on vaccinations etc.  If they are in need of vaccinations, spay/neuter or medical care C.P.R. will provide it upon acceptance as a C.P.R. pet, we Will Not provide these services to an animal before they have been surrendered to the rescue.

While C.P.R. is dedicated to helping animals who may otherwise not make it through the shelter system, we are unable to take on animals with a history of unprovoked aggression towards humans or other animals.

Critical Pet Rescue Can Not take in every animal in need, intake will be based on room in our foster homes, behavior and medical needs.  Please understand if we have to tell you “no”, it’s not because we don’t care, it is because we know we can’t provide what is needed.



Critical Pet Rescue is, above all, here to find loving and forever homes to pets who may otherwise not have had the chance. We will never knowingly put any pet into a situation that is not in that animal’s or person’s best interest.

We have an adoption agreement to be filed out and signed by adopters.  We also require a home check which we often use as the perfect time to complete a meet and greet if there are other animals in the home. Our adoption fees vary, please contact us to find out more about the pet you may be interested in.

If you think you have found a pet you would like to adopt you can download our adoption application here

C.P.R. Adoption Agreement




Critical Pet Rescue is a completely foster home based rescue, what this means:

  • Animals are kept in homes not kennels.
  • They interact daily with humans.
  • They interact with other animals, if appropriate (after health check/quarantine complete)
  • They are able to receive daily medical care (if necessary)
  • Their temperament and behaviors can be seen in a home environment making the right placement easier.
  • Unwanted behaviors and bad habits can be addressed and worked on.


Critical Pet Rescue is always looking for new foster homes, if you think you might be able to help please click on https://criticalpetrescue.org/we-need-you-too/  to find out more