Happy Home Stories

We have all made our way through C.P.R. for one reason or another…

Here are just some of our After stories…



Spent the day with our sweet Batman and his new family. I sure wish they would adopt me too!! Batman came running to me all excited with his tail going 50 mph just to tell me “Wow Auntie! This place is wonderful, all kinds of smells and I can run all around the property in my fenced area. I have the best sister and is she ever beautiful 😉 She said she will make sure nothing happens to me out here in this secluded paradise. Abby is a show girl and my new parents used to raise and show Dobermans with lots of winners so they’ll know how to train me real good. They said I’m just a miniature Dobie at heart. I don’t want to brag at all but I fit much better on Dad’s lap than Abby 😉 ” Thank you Phil and Joan for falling in love with our sweet boy!


I (Pat) love when an adoption happens with all I can call it is “divine intervention.” I couldn’t understand why this darling little boy was not swooped up immediately….but it seems that he was just waiting for the perfect mom. He sat with me at an adoption event last Friday and Sunday with lots of “oh how cute” and “what a sweetheart” statements but no takers. I was just a wee bit discouraged for him but he was still a happy boy, going back to an awesome foster so accepted this fate. I decided to make a stop on the way home to pick up a crate that was left for another dog that was running loose and parked in front of a ladies house who came out to investigate me. 😉 We began talking and she had just recently lost her best dog friend and was considering getting another at some point she said. Then our little guy popped his head out the window in perfect timing to say, “Hellooo here I am!” LOL Of course I took him out so she could get the full awesomeness of Zeus. I’m sure it was love at first sight though she was still uncertain. She was thinking of getting a big dog, a Doberman. I suggested that she try fostering him so she could see if it would work, hoping she couldn’t return him after really getting to know him. I was right…2 days later Debbie Frame-Reed called to say Zeus was home for good! Yahooo Zeus, we will miss you but know from many that know Debbie, he will be in the best of hands! Thank you Debbie for loving our sweet Zeus!


Abigail basking in the sun from the deck of her new home. Very happy kitty after having been alone for several months in her previous home. Thank you Shellie Clifford Miller for spoiling this beautiful girl!!… from Shellie: “Abbie laying on the patio. Thank you Pat Schaffner-Hallfor letting me home her. She’s so spoiled.”


Finn’s (aka Rascal) first time to the snow. He hates the rain and cold…but decided he LOVES the snow!




Here’s a little update on miss sassy. She loves to curl up in the warm laundry! She has become such a wonder addition to our family. She is so loving and Sweet. We took her to the vet for her stitches to be removed and have a tear test. Her eyes are getting better cause we are keeping up on the drops. Shes adjusting well and getting lots of love. Don’t tell the others, but she is my favorite.





Stella and rocko loving there new home


Precious Trixie found a precious home with Brenda and her family. They are so excited to add this sweet little girl to their family!

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It did not take long for cute Jasmine to find a home! Her darling picture (who could resist those ears!) caught the eye of animal lover, Barbara, and it was love at first sight. Jasmine will have some dogs and cats to play with, a beautiful yard to explore and may get to go to work with mom. So happy for you Jasmine!

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Well Mr. totally awesome Ruger had quite an adventurous 3 days with this foster mom. He learned that rides were fun, meeting others in public was scary but he learned people thought he was gorgeous and liked the attention. He had several that wanted to meet him and we met each applicant, all being awesome people but one stood out as the best match for Ruger. This gentleman fit the bill and Ruger agreed. Ruger kept looking at me for assurance but listened intently as they ran together, walked with his other dog which looks like a mini Ruger and of all things….his name is Bullet. LOL Can’t have the “gun” without the “bullets” 😉 So Ruger is off to a new adventure of bird hunting, a new buddy to play with and 4 kids at home to love on him. I couldn’t be happier!! Happy tails handsome boy!!

Our perfect boy Apollo found the best family ever! This couple waited a few years after their Lab died before they could add another family member. It’s hard when you miss a dog that was like a child to make room to love another but they knew their son needed a buddy to hang and play with. Apollo will have acres to run on, a little friend to hang with that is totally blind but knowing the boy he is, I think he will become his friends seeing eye pal. Paley wasn’t sure what to think about him at first, gave a little growl to make sure he knew she was the boss and Apollo submitted like the sweet boy he is. The cats also came out to greet him and even they seemed to know he was a woos around them. But boy oh boy, what a great kid to play with! He even has a swimming pool to swim in with his boy and they are going camping in a few weeks. Great fun for a great pup!!!

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Bubbles off to her new home! Car ride home went fine, now Linda says she is taking turns running around the house and sitting on her lap. We wish you both the best!

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Had a great day visiting people at Pet Smart but only one adoption and it was our Princess Rosalie. She gets to live on the coast with a very special friend of mine and will eventually get to be a road companion to her truck driving husband. Rosalie loves to take rides so she will be a very happy girl. They also know her background of running away from her adoptive home twice. They will keep a firm grip on her leash until she bonds with them like she did with her foster mom. I think this is Rosie’s last stop for her furever home. 😀
We will miss you Rosalie, loved you very much but will see you again!

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Eric said of his new dog Remi, “we’re a matching pair, both scraggly faces”.
Had a fun time meeting new people at Pet Smart today but started to be a little discouraged that we didn’t have an adoption with the 6 dogs and 2 kittens we brought. Loved getting a new foster family, getting positive exposure and even 2 free nail trimming from Pet Smart’s grooming crew. I started packing up with a better outlook when I mentioned all the positives to the manager Connie. Then coming back in from the van this sweet lady and her 2 sons were sitting at our table visiting with Charley in his crate. She wasn’t sure why he was there but when she found out he was up for adoption she got very excited. Charley was similar to a pet she loved and had passed away. She was missing the “indoor” fun of a lap dog and the cuddles. I let her “cuddle” Mr. Charley while we loaded the rest of our things and that did it…Charley was going home! The boys loved him, she loved him, it was a no brainer. 😀 They bought him a new fancy bed, a fancier name tag and mom laughed that the fish they came in for was just $2.88 but she left with a bill of over 200.00. He will be one spoiled little boy with a big doggy brother and 2 human brothers to play with. Happy Tails Charley!!!
Moxi in her new home with her new toy she picked out at Petco 🙂

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